# SthlmDolls is all about entertainment!

We can help you with everything for your event. Nothing is too big or too small.

From finding a venue to what color of the napkins and everything in between.

We provide all sorts of entertainment,

everything from staffing to circus acrobats.


At # SthlmDolls our goal is to create memories,

to make your experience an unforgettable one.

Stockholm dolls = Sthlmdolls

some of our    AWESOME SERVICES


It dosen´t matter if its a business or private event or if it’s entertainment for a festival or birthday party.


With our talented dancers, circus artists and project leaders we will make your party memorable and unique. 


Do you want to learn some of the performance art?

Or have a fun activity for your teambuilding or bachelorette.


We got you!

We teach everything from dancing and burlesque to flexibility and circus. 


Are you ready to take your club to the next level?


Dancers on podiums, clubkids on the bar or an aerialist from the ceiling.


We help you create the buzz!



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Amanda Lidholm


Lina Beatrix Segelsbo




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